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Schlagwörter: Freund*innenschaft – Diskriminierung – abuse – Armut I think the thing with most people not seeming to be aware of or disturbed by the transactional/safety-net element of friendships is friendship-prosperity. If your safety net is big and there are enough resources floating around in your friend-network that any help you are likely to need […]

Schlagwörter: MINT – Sexismus – Englisch And here I’m going to speak personally for a moment. I am a lady in a STEM field, and I went through the necessary schooling and training to acquire a STEM job. I saw what that training did to me and to the other girls who enrolled. I saw […]

To make a mess that another person will have to deal with—the dropped socks, the toothpaste sprayed on the bathroom mirror, the dirty dishes left from a late-night snack—is to exert domination in one of its more silent and intimate forms. [Unordnung zu machen, um die eine andere Person sich wird kümmern müssen – die […]

Schlagwörter: Femen – Kopftuchdebatte – Kleidungsvorschriften Man muss in erster Linie gar nicht wissen, warum eine Frau ein Kopftuch oder einen Minirock trägt. Es geht nicht darum, wie sich eine Frau kleidet. Es geht darum herauszuarbeiten, in welchem sozialen Geflecht Frauen leben oder mit welchen Hürden sie im Alltag konfrontiert werden. Der Fokus auf Symbole […]

Schlagwörter: sexualisierte Gewalt – Stressreaktion – überleben One of the stressors that actives fight/flight/freeze is sexual assault (though not just sexual assault) and may survivors wonder what went wrong with their bodies; why didn’t they fight back? why couldn’t they run or kick or even scream? Answer: nothing went wrong with your body, everything went […]

Schlagwörter: Entitlement Entitled” are the people who think your stubbornness and tears and anger and silly emotions are getting in the way of their very rational, very reasonable discussion of a thing that has never, and will never, personally affect them. That if only you would stop being so invested and taking everything so seriously […]

Schlagwörter: Selbstbestimmung – Selbstfürsorge It’s not wrong or bad or malicious to not want someone the way they want you to want them, even if you wanted them that way before… even if before was only 15 minutes ago. This is true for love affairs and for friendships and for sex. You get to change […]

Schlagwörter: Rassismus – cultural appropiation – Schwarze Masken Further, it has always struck me as interesting that there are white people who will attempt to wear what will signify “Blackness,” whether it is dreadlocks (which, in my opinion, should be cut off from every white person’s head), “gear,” or Black masks at rallies. There is […]

Schlagwörter: Grenzen If you step on my foot, you need to get off my foot. If you step on my foot without meaning to, you need to get off my foot. If you step on my foot without realizing it, you need to get off my foot. If everyone in your culture steps on feet, […]

Schlagwörter: Sexismus Most women fight wars on two fronts, one for whatever the putative topic is and one simply for the right to speak, to have ideas, to be acknowledged to be in possession of facts and truths, to have value, to be a human being. [Die meisten Frauen* kämpfen Kriege an zwei Fronten, einen […]


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